IT Support

We support anything, going back to Windows 97, which, some of our clients still use for certain, very specific needs that haven’t warranted, nor have justified, an upgrade. Having experience going back to Windows 3.0 and before gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to troubleshooting esoteric problems.

Also, but on a more limited basis, we work with Linux. We have been actively-testing and using it internally since 2010, and have found it to be a viable alternative to Windows in many cases, especially for typical use (word processing, spreadsheets, email, etc.). The main advantage, aside from being a free platform, lies in its stability (seldom crashing or requiring a re-boot in order to “come to its senses”), its very low hardware requirements (it doesn’t need state of the art computers to run reasonably fast), and its immunity to viral infections, which plague Windows.

While we have clients who rely exclusively on the latest technology, that’s not necessarily the case for all businesses. We know what it means to run a business and we take a mixed approach to technology. When it comes to our clients, we apply the same philosophy and will recommend the most suitable path given your requirements, constraints, and wishes. Unlike manufacturers, we don’t push novelty for the sake of it, and will provide you with two or more options whenever possible and give you all the advice necessary to make sound, educated, business decisions.

We don’t believe in 2 or 3-year upgrade cycles, as is the norm in the industry – we’re not in the business of profiting at your expense; we’re in the business of treating your business as if it were our own and building a solid relationship. That’s why our clients stay with us (some, for over 20 years).


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